Anyone else own a Tinman built guitar?


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I got this in a trade a few weeks ago and I gotta say, this tele is the "bee's knees". Tinman - a member here - apparently built it some time ago and it's made it's way through a few forums and now into my hands. I wanted a tele to fill my tele needs (I also have a LP and strat to round out the collection) and this is the best tele I've ever played.

The action is perfect, the neck (warmoth, birds eye maple) is perfect, not too big, not too small, the body is a thinline Ash with natural finish utilizing Rio Grande vintage Tallboy tele pick ups and 4-way switching. It is the best sounding and best feeling tele I've ever played. (I've had a few, including a quite expensive higher end fender)

The Rio Grande Tallboys, which I don't find much about, are absolutely fabulous tele pick ups. They're open, big, have the bite when you need it -- they are great. I put Fralins in my other tele and I think I prefer these to the Fralins (though those were magnificant as well).

I've given it a few weeks as to not be in such a honeymoon mood when writing my rave. I've been playing 17 years now and kinda know what I want, and the Tinman is what I was looking for.

All this to say, if you own a Tinman, speak up - if his other guitars are anywhere close to this guy, then there has to be some other happy customers out there.

Here is a pic (not mine) of the guitar:


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