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anyone ever consolidate all your guitars to one?


Its tough, I've never been able to find a guitar than can 'do it all'. Even though I'm really satisified with what I have, its still nice to change it up and pull out something different. Its just the way it is.


I have one electric (Tele), one acoustic, and one bass.

I’ve had more in the past, but the decision to (try to) stay put is financial. I can do almost everything I want to do sonically with this combination. Sure I still crave more at times, but anything more and it’s really just for bit parts for recording. Not a need.

But yes, I see value in keeping it simple and I don’t like a lot of clutter anyway.


I have recently gone from five electrics to two. Not really missing anything, just got less maintenance and a nice amp out of it. Sold a PRS SE Cu24, MIM Tele and a Gibson V, kept a Gibson LP and MIA Strat.

Can't really go less than two though. I need humbuckers and real single coils.


I'd say three or four is my 'happy place' but I could quite easily manage almost everything with a single, good HSS Super Strat type. Something like a Tom Anderson, Tyler, Suhr etc. If you have the money and the space though why not have more? It's nice to have different flavours and some variety.


All, no, but currently I plan to sell 3 to pay off the 1 I just bought.

I have enough humbucker guitars to go around, and not enough space.

But a few of mine do unique things.

Plan is to have one 24 fret E standard humbuckers, one 24 fret for drop-tuning (B or C), my semi hollow and my P90 SG.

Ultimately found I was chasing tone on several guitars and just not getting it so I went through mine and identified the best sounding ones, and ones that bring something unique and decided to downsize, then find a guitar worth downsizing for.

So before you do this, I think you need to check that you have both these things:

A) A desire to downsize.

B) A guitar worth downsizing for.


I use the same guitar all the time. I have a couple others, but I am a one guitar man.

No matter what or where I'm playing, I use the same guitar.
The only reason I wouldn't do this myself is because I keep thinking, "what if something happens to that guitar?"

I at least want another backup that I love just as much.

I am all for selling off big numbers of mid level guitars in order to fund high level guitars though. I sold all the Gibson USA I had to fund my first custom shop purchases and that was the best move I've made. 1 CS LP is generally better than 10 Gibson USA LPs in my mind..... But again I needed to buy two because I don't like not having a backup. I buy in pairs.


I had been thinking of just getting down to one Custom Shop Strat, but then I got a Silver Sky and I don't think I need one now.

I'm already down to one acoustic, a beloved J-45.

Compared to 10 years ago when I owned between 10-15 MIA guitars of all shapes and sizes at any time, this is the way my collection has trended.


That is what I have been trying to do since I bought my 2011 R8 M2M a few months ago. It was a purchase on a whim, it is a rather ugly banana yellow one-off from Gibson, but the tone and playability are better than any other guitar I have owned before, and I have owned at least 100.

So as a result I am selling all my Les Pauls and my other 2-humbucker guitars because I won't need them. No, I actually don't like them anymore!
It is a very weird feeling: I am talking about very, very good guitars, which I have always considered as keepers. a 2016 R9 True Historic Les Paul aged by Tom Murphy, a few CS Flying V korina, a great CS 335... they are or soon will be just a fond memory.

I literally cannot stop playing this banana yellow '58 reissue LP ugly duckling. it is that good.


Silver Supporting Member

Pack up all your guitars and see how long you can go without digging into your stash. If you can happily settle on one guitar for weeks (or months), then you can happily sell off all your guitars and consolidate. If you get antsy and want to play another one, it probably won't work long term.

Also, it's a horrible sellers market right now...you're likely going to get low balls, trade offers, and not a lot of serious interest.

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