anyone ever consolidate all your guitars to one?


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I have gone both directions with this, sold cheap to buy one expensive guitars, or one expensive guitar to buy a couple cheaper. I am tending to stay in the 2k range, anymore, although i would still entertain an Ibanez Japanese Prestige model. I have also done the amp switch that same way and in both directions. Going from a 3k Diezel to a 1k Fractal.

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I moved from a small town to the big city in the '80's.
I needed compact and portable.
I sold my Bond ElectraGlide, '77 Fender Strat, Roland GS-500, Roland G-202, Roland G-707, JK Lado, and a mongrel strat.
I sold my Marshall stack (jcm900 goodness), Roland Bolt 60, Traynor something-or-other and all pedals/synths.

I bought a Gittler, a Gallien Krueger 206 MLe, and built a rack with mostly Rocktron effects around the GK. The rack was about the same size as a Twin, and only slightly heavier.

I used that rig exclusively for almost 20 years.


I’m gonna go down to one this spring when tax season hits and returns start coming in. I wasn’t really searching for this. But I recently picked up a Collings I-35LC and it gets pretty close to the best guitar I ever had an ES-345. Not really the same exact sound but as far as the approach I can take with it, the way it hits the amp and the way the knobs respond it gives me the same experience and usability. I played that into a ‘56 deluxe. I have a tweed and a PR amp and I get all I need from that. I just play for myself. I don’t have to cover any other bases than what gets me close to what I have in my head. I always admired and aspired for only one in the past but man I failed horribly at it and gave up on it. I didn’t even plan it this time. But I played it in a shop and it spoke to me. A little while later I just realized I don’t need the others and it is liberating to arrive here.

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