Anyone ever mix Alnico SRO's and Swamp Thangs?

TP Parter

Hey guys. Looking to sell some speakers and raise some money, as well as lighten my second 4x12 cab's weight a good bit. I've got one 4x12 loaded with AXA12's/G12H-30(55)'s. Currently the other cab has 2 EVM12L, 1 Fane Studio 12L, and a one of a kind 300 watt Fane manufactured modern Crescendo prototype. Obviously with those 4 massive cast frame speakers in one cab it weighs a ton, and can veer a little toward the cold/stiff side in tone. I also have a single Fane Medusa 30 in a half loaded 2x12, and a pair of reconed alnico SRO's in my Mesa 2x12.

My original intent was to find a second Medusa 30 or a Medusa 100 (same speaker supposedly), and do an X pattern with those and the SRO's in the second 4x12, but it's been a pain in the ass tracking down one of those outside of a shop in Australia. I'd then sell the EVM12L's and the Fane Crescendo to cover that and a single Swamp to pair with the Fane Studio 12L in my 2x12 combo.

Well, it's been over a year, and I haven't been able to track down the Medusa. Thought I found one of the 150's but never heard back from the seller when I emailed them. So, I'm about ready to say **** it, buy a pair of Swamp Thangs, sell the EV's, and just pair the Medusa 30 with the Studio 12L combo.

Before I do so I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with this blend (SRO/Thang), and how they matched up. Particularly whether or not one of these two exceedingly loud and ballsy speakers over powered the other in the mix.

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