Anyone ever mix alnico SRO's and Swamp Thangs?

TP Parter

Hey guys. Looking to sell some speakers and raise some money, as well as lighten my second 4x12 cab's weight a good bit. I've got one 4x12 loaded with AXA12's/G12H-30(55)'s. Currently the other cab has 2 EVM12L, 1 Fane Studio 12L, and a one of a kind 300 watt Fane manufactured modern Crescendo prototype. Obviously with those 4 massive cast frame speakers in one cab it weighs a ton, and can veer a little toward the cold/stiff side in tone. I also have a single Fane Medusa 30 in a half loaded 2x12, and a pair of reconed alnico SRO's in my Mesa 2x12.

My original intent was to find a second Medusa 30 or a Medusa 100 (same speaker supposedly), and do an X pattern with those and the SRO's in the second 4x12, but it's been a pain in the ass tracking down one of those outside of a shop in Australia. I'd then sell the EVM12L's and the Fane Crescendo to cover that and a single Swamp to pair with the Fane Studio 12L in my 2x12 combo.

Well, it's been over a year, and I haven't been able to track down the Medusa. Thought I found one of the 150's but never heard back from the seller when I emailed them. So, I'm about ready to say **** it, buy a pair of Swamp Thangs, sell the EV's, and just pair the Medusa 30 with the Studio 12L combo.

Before I do so I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with this blend (SRO/Thang), and how they matched up. Particularly whether or not one of these two exceedingly loud and ballsy speakers over powered the other in the mix.


I originally was in the same situation for trying to pair something with an SRO in a 2x12. Finding something SPL compatible was tough. I haven't heard the Swamp Thangs before, but I tried a ASW Peacemaker, a Fane AXA12, and a Scholz Sugarcone with my SRO. I liked the Sugarcone pairing the best. Someone else had tried their SRO with some other speakers, but said these were the best paired EV 12L/12L SRO (interim design)/Scholz types for balance and loudness compatibility...
The SRO have a very unique character imo, so I actually think they are best paired with a neutralish speaker if you aren't happy with the 2 together. I would just buy 1 Swamp Thang and see if you like how it sounds in your 2x12, but from what I've read, they have their own mojo going. It may work out great, but it might be more cost effective just to try the one first.

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