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anyone ever play the cheap fender bullet strat

Blue Bee

this may sound retarded, but i bought a bullet strat at a garage sell for $40 and i like it better than some american strats ive played. actually i love it. and my main axe is a prs hollow ive had for 4 years and gibby es125tc. i love light weight guitars. i never bonded w/ strats but this one is so light, intonates, never goes out of tune(w/grovers)hardtail, good balance, maybe plywood body. has a very nice neck shape/length and it seems the scale is 24 3/4-25" just trying to find a pup combo that id like.

really i teach at a music store and play all kind of strats, some very nice ones too, but this is a steal to me and these things sell for under $100.

any other users comments, pics, put downs, suggestions for pups, upgrades, etc...all appreciated


I knew a guy that owned a small music store. He had a Bullet that he'd two toned and set up. He could make that thing sing. I've played a couple in pawnshops and met a guy to buy one off of craigslist. When I got there, I played it and was going to buy it and he tripled the price once I got there...said he'd done some research on my way over. I walked.
With most of these squires, bullets, fender mexi's, etc., you really have to try them all out & "get lucky". One will play/feel like total crap & the one right next to it will play/feel great. I think the older ones are a bit better than the newer ones as well, so the bullets would have a tendancy to feel good. I have a friend that has a fender bullet tele bass that I dig alot...
old USA bullets ROCK.
amd the old MIJs do too...but i even hace a few new $99 chumpies...and Affinitys

cheap guitars rule


I had one of the second generation Bullets when i was 16 and it was awesome. Wish i still had it.

The first generation models had an aircraft aluminum pickguard that was also part of the bridge. My friend Don had one of those and it was cool- had more of a telecaster shape w/ a strat shaped guard on the front.

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