Anyone familiar with the Hudson Falcons ?


It looks like me & my buddies will be the opening act when they come through town.

Just curious if any TGP'ers know these guys?

Our drummer is a big fan & has booked shows for these guys in the past. They are a 'Workin' Class Rock n' Roll' band from Jersey. I've been listening to their stuff & pretty straight-ahead rock with catchy riffs.


Haha. I actually saw these guys live! I live in a really small town and we had this guy who tried really hard to get a scene going for the young kids here. He's since moved on to other things but I remember seeing the Hudson Falcons at one show. I think I even got a shirt.

This was back in like 2003 or something, when post-hardcore was turning into screamo, so a lot of the shows were screamo bands (Showbread is the only other memorable band I recall seeing) that I didn't really care for but went to see because I wanted to feel part of something.

The Hudson Falcons were a breath of fresh air from the usual stuff and it was one of the few actually good bands I remember seeing. It was cool because the room was so small and there wasn't really a stage to speak of. Very up close and personal.

Small world.

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