Anyone fancy analyzing my new board plan???


Hi guys,

I've always been a simple series effect kinda guy... Vintage amps with no effects loops or anything. I'm making the step to a midi capable system, and I was hoping for some input from guys who are more familiar with those rigs.

I've tried to make a clear representation of my plan (the lines and arrows to indicate signal path are a bit wonky), in order for folks to perhaps point out where I might be barking up the wrong tree!

Basically, my dry signal would come from the last series effect (a Klone pedal), and the wet from the H9 and reverb in parallel. I was thinking of a volume pedal in the last loop of the PBC to back off the wet signal as needed.

My amps will most often be A) Tweed Tremolux circuit w/ 1x12" and B) Tweed Super circuit w/ 1x10" + 1x12"

Signal path

guitar—>input of interface—>boost—>RJM Mastermind PBC

Input assignments
Input 1 - compressor
Input 2 - fuzz
Input 3 - Timmy
Input 4 - Klon
---Input 5 - empty
I Input 6 - empty
I Input 7 - breakout loop (for pedal auditions)
I--I-----Input 8 - H9 (mono 100% wet in parallel)
I I ----Input 9 - reverb (mono 100% wet in parallel)
I I ----Input 10 - volume (in parallel)
I ——>Wet to line mixer ———>wet to amp A via interface
———>Dry to line mixer ——————————>dry to amp B via interface

*Mono output can be summed down to one output for single amp gigs with switch on back of PBC

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to offer! :)
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