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Anyone find the COT50 too bassy when....

...... hitting an already overdriven amp?? it may just be my rig, but i typically play my bluesbreaker or maz38 to the point where it's just starting to break up. the cot50 use to be my main overdrive, but lately i'm finding when i kick it on it adds just a tad too much bass and makes my amps/speakers sound a bit flabby. i tend not to dial out the bass EQ on my amp as i like the sound i'm getting when the COT50 is off... my other OD that i'm using much more (timmy) doesn't do this, but to be fair you can dial out the bass on it. if i run my amp totally clean w/ no break up the cot works much better and has a nice even crunch/EQ to it.

anyway, i may be a little hasty but i may put the COT up on the emporium to check out some other pedals... again, this is for my particular rig. but has anyone else had the above similar issue?

thoughts? recommendations on a replacement?


Senior Member
If anything, the CoT50 cuts a bit of bass in my experience to tighten things up and add punch - I have no clue...


Silver Supporting Member
It's been a long time but I do remember when I had my COT50, it only sounded decent in front of my old JCM800 if I kept the amp somewhat clean, even then it was way too compressed for me. I tried to use it in the same fashion as an SD-1 or Tubescreamer in front of the JCM800 already cooking and as you said, there was way too much bass and it was not tight at all.


Platinum Supporting Member
I think there are slight difference in alot of same model Lovepedals. My COT50 seemed to be more trebly and cut bass and though I did dig the pedal I ended up selling mine recently as I just wasn't using it much anymore.
Still a great pedal.

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