Anyone got info on this amp: Echo Twin Amp 45?


I got this amp a long time ago in a trade for some guitar pedals. I used it a bunch of times several years ago, but it's basically been sitting in a closet since then as it's a bit loud for my needs (and I no longer own a cab). I remember it sounding pretty good, but I was never able to turn it up. I took it into a shop years ago (Dave's Guitar) and the tech looked it over and thought it sounded good too. However, he knew nothing about it, other than it's Japanese made in the mid-60's, and appears to be a clone of a Super Reverb.

It's all point-to-point wiring. It's got 2 EL34's, a tube rectifier, and a slew of preamp tubes. I can go check on which types and brands the tubes are. Aside from the newer EHX EL34's, most of the print on the tubes is unreadable. The tech wasn't 100% sure what impedance cab would be needed, but thought 8 ohms was correct. That's what I used, and it worked fine. I'm not sure on the wattage, but I'm going to assume 45 watts.

Also, some previous owner recovered the head with some leather covering. There's a small tear in the covering, and I can clearly see tolex below it. I'm tempted to rip off the leather covering. I don't think it's glued on at all. Should I?

Anyone got any info? Any idea on what the value might be? I'm tempted to sell it, considering I don't use it, and it's taking up space. But, I imagine it'll only go up in value over time.








Found some information on it, in case anyone else is wondering:
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Bump again? I thought people around here were gear hounds who knew everything...

Any recommendations on a forum with members who know stuff about vintage gear?


I have one of these an am almost done rebuilding it.
I LOVE this sounds and is essentially a Tremolux clone.
I have recapped it and am waiting on tubes but the vibrato will not work for me so not sure what is up with it.
Gonna swap out the pots on it this weekend and see if it fixes it.


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