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Anyone have a 105q Crybaby Bass Wah? Tried it on guitar? Question, please.

Moe Shinola

I just bought one from a guy off craigslist and man, it screams. I intend to use it with a Korg Volca Bass synth I'm buying soon. I tried it on my guitar and there was this annoying noise, hard to describe, a high-pitched pulsing sound when not playing, from my amp, that seemed to subside when I turned off any distortion pedals and when I rolled off the high end. Might this be just that I shouldn't be using it with a guitar, only with bass. Might the higher frequencies be making it distort somehow? I couldn't resist trying it out on my guitar. I wish i could say i demo-ed it before buying but no, I'm guilty. Sight unseen. I hope I didn't waste my money. Maybe someone here can tell me yes or no.


I love my 95Q, best wah ever made IMHO! I tried the bass version and it works fine on guitar, but I preferred the 95Q.

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