Anyone have a Kelly JS32 guitar?


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I have been wanting an "explorer" type guitar, but I prefer 24 frets and hard tails. I know there was that awesome Gibson "Shred X" or whatever, but dang they are expensive "when" you can find one for sale..

I saw the little cheapy JS32 Kelly and it has the "same" neck as my neck-thru Jacksons and Charvel, so I was wondering if the bolt-on cheapies were even worth looking at..?

I have EMG's to put in one, as I put EMG's of blackouts in everything..but at $249..? That seems crazy cheap..

I have had one of the Xavier cheapy LP clones, and while it was supremely playable after a lot of work, I gave it to a kid with no $$ trying to pay it forward a bit..

So does anyone have one of these or have anything good or bad to say about them?

Here is the one I like..

Any opinions or hands on experience would be be very much appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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