Anyone have a Wildwood '52 Thin Skin Tele?


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I bought one and returned it. Neck alignment was off a bit (easily fixed). But I couldn't deal with the thick lacquer on the neck/fretboard. Sounded wonderful but that thick lacquer killed it for me. Nice guitar though. Can't recall what price they gave me but I think it was a bit less than advertised. Very good customer service. I Ate the shipping both ways.

Edit: found a pic I took of it. Now I remember one other thing I didn't care for and that is how light the color of the neck wood was. Again, it sounded great. Playability for me wasn't what I was looking for. Needed to sand all the finish off the neck and fretboard.

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Pretty good guitars in my experience. I've never cared the the SD-59 that comes in them, so a pickup change is always needed in my opinion. YMMV

They won't negotiate much.


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I have one that I've played the crap out of. Unlike the poster above, I quite like the SD neck humbucker. I'm lucky enough to have a number of nice guitars and it might get the most playing time. Can't think of anything I don't like about it.

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