Anyone have clips of HD500 doing "signature" tones?


I've heard some impressive HD500 clips and there's no question that Line 6 made a pretty big leap forward with the HD.

One thing I find puzzling is the lack of "signature" tone clips from HD500 users. The original POD was out just a few months before there were dozens of Van Halen, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, [insert favorite guitar god] wannabe clips. Haven't heard much of this from the HD500, other than a few U2 clips.

Hopefully we'll get a few such clips in the near future. I'm just sayin', that's all.


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Here's a short clip of the POD HD 300 improvising over an MP3 quality backing track. This was a one take so execuse whateve mistakes you hear but I'm happy with the tone and I know with more editing and EQ it can really be improved but with the sound quality of the backing track , it aint worth it. No editing or EQ was done to the file just a quick leveling. It was played with a strat, I'm sure it would have sounded better with a les paul, but I don't have one.
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