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Anyone have two Celestion golds in their Vibrolux?


Just wondering if anybody has done this. I have Webers (One alnico, and one ceramic) in my Blackface Vibrolux, and I think I’m ready for a change. I have a gold in my Princeton reverb, and I love the way it sounds. obviously it’s a much louder amp, but I usually run my volume at around three or four. wonder if I’ll get the same results with 35 watts as opposed to 15.

any feedback is appreciated!


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Yes, I have had two Celestion Golds in my blackface Vibrolux Reverb since those speakers came out years ago.

I made it a gigable amp for me. With stock speakers it was never loud enough. These have headroom and hold up to anything.
Still haven’t heard a better 10” speaker.


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I would start with one Gold and mix it with each of the existing speakers for the best mix. The Gold is pretty loud and might dominate enough, where you don't need to buy two.
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Dana Olsen

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I have a pair in a 64 1/2 BFVR.

To my ears, they're OK in that amp, but a little harsh. When I played the same amp through 2 Gold 12", I liked it a lot more.

Certainly the 10" Golds raised the headroom in my BFVR - that's good, and the cleans weren't bad at all - it's the edge of breakup or gain sounds that I found a little harsh. The gain sounds while playing through 2 x12" Golds, I preferred a lot to the 10's.

Hope this helps, Dana O.


Guitar Hack
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Yes! Started with a pair Eminence 1058. Excellent speakers. Couple of years go by. Can't leave well enough alone. Scored a pair of legendary Fender (Eminence) Blue Frame Alnico, more excellent, a little smoother, especially top end. Another year or so, ran across a single Eminence Red Fang Alnico and paired with one Blue Frame. Even better, however, the Red Fang seem to over power the Blue Frame. Still sounded best so far. Time goes on, time for a change and got a pair of Celestion Gold Alnico speakers. Really happy with these speakers. Much fuller sounding all the way around. I think it's a perfect match for one of the best amps Fender makes.


I've got ragin cajuns in mine. Too loud for any venue nowadays but used to be able to use this amp more frequently. I mostly use it at home at an obscene volume.

If I could swap the speakers out, the only thing I'd want is the celestion golds. What's weird to me is that I don't care for the 12s so much.


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I have what’s basically a 1x12 Vibrolux clone and have a Gold in there. Not the same, obviously, as the 10 - but I won’t ever change out that speaker. Great combo

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