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Anyone here have a Beavis Board?


Oh look! This is a thing I can change!
I just got one last night and have done a lot of work on some projects with it. Its an amazing prototyping product for beginners or experienced builders.

Bobby D

no, but when i get some extra spending cash, i'm gonna get one, they look AWESOME!!!!


Look, my first gold medal.
Gold Supporting Member
Hey I just received mine yesterday, planning to dive in over the next few nights. What a cool product. Upon opening the box, everything is very neatly presented. A huge parts stash, everything categorized into labeled bags, even a bag of oreo's labeled "nutrition". The board itself is a work of art and very well constructed, Dano included some nice extras on the cuff, like some really nice alligator clip leads and a bag of mystery parts including strange transistors, a huge capacitor and some tag strips. Very well done, I feel lucky to have one!


Silver Supporting Member
This looks really cool. I've been thinking about trying my hand at pedal building, but always backed out because I have no experience with electronics. Looks like a great way to get your feet wet.


Silver Supporting Member
It's a great way to get going. But they're pretty dang easy to build. You get to touch on all the major bits of a build really. I've had my own take on the Beavis Board for a few years now:

The difference being I have BNC connectors for my scope and banana plug lugs for quick connecting things. I keep meaning to build a back plate to hold pots. The wood was an Ikea cutting board.

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