Anyone here not like the Keeley DS1?

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by rjpilot, May 22, 2006.

  1. rjpilot

    rjpilot Member

    Aug 4, 2005
    I'm they're!
    I finally got my OH State tax return and am looking to spend 250. I know I want some George Ls but I cannot stop buying "marshall in a box" type pedals. Will the DS-1 ultra compete with my OCD?:eek: ? This pedal is going to be used in front of an attenuated 1967 bassman into greenbacks. I think I may be leaning towards this pedal cause I like the that wrong?

    your thoughs if you please...

    Other suggestions and BTW>>>

    Is the COT50 a gainey pedal on its own or does it just add color?
  2. mavrick10_2000

    mavrick10_2000 Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Had nothing to do with Robert's mods. The DS-1 is Fizzy to me and that drives me nuts. Roberts mods SEM add some nice low end to this pedal, I could get the non fizzy same gain from my amp so I flipped it.
  3. drolling

    drolling Member

    Feb 1, 2005
    I'm no fan of the stock DS-1, and I had a particularly choice MIJ model. I'm also not one to "mod" something unless it's absolutely necessary (bypass switch in a old wah, for example) but if you're looking for plexi tones from a fender amp, why not try an MI Audio Crunch Box? Hand built true-bypass *boutique* pedal for 99 bucks..
  4. Shredcow

    Shredcow Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    I don't think the Keeley is a marshal in a box. Keeley's mods take on a more generic character and at the end of the day, his DS1 mod is really a much better booster pedal than a standalone.
    I find it hard to get a tight chug out of his DS1... as it is too thick, too huge sounding to give that sweet crunch.

    If I wanted marshal in a box from a DS1, check out Analogman's mod. He mods the DS1 to a higher level Ds1, all the characteristics are improved and intact. Excellent standalone pedal with a lot of push, though a bit too noisy to be used as a booster.
  5. afterburner

    afterburner Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2006
    I do think that the Keeley DS1 gives a decent "marshall in a box" tone, and many people use it through a fender amp for exactly that purpose. It's fairly versatile (though some might interpret that as generic so it's a tradeoff) and gives you many options for rock and roll tones. At its price I would say it's a good deal. The SEM mode gives you a full fat tone on its own while the Ultra mode would be more for a boost. Overall, it is still a DS1 and a bit of that brittle high end remains. I've also noticed the tone can be a bit thin through certain amps.

    I also own the OCD and to me, since the OCD is wide open it complements the Keeley DS1 since that's more compressed. The OCD has less gain than the Keeley but remains tight and focused in all settings.

    +1 on the Crunch Box; as per what drolling said, for about $110 the CB is an excellent choice for marshall tones on its own. It has enough firepower to turn a clean amp into a hi-gain monster! I would recommend this over the Keeley if you can get your hands on one.
  6. gulliver

    gulliver Member

    Jun 25, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    If you solder, or know someone who does, just do your own Keeley DS-1 mod. Used pedals go for $25, the parts are about $10. E-mail me if you need the part numbers and directions ... it's easy stuff and a lot of fun.

    As for the Keeley DS-1, it's very big sounding but may not be the best for super fast leads as you may want a mid to high focus for that. If you play super fast with the Keeley the notes will get lost in the hugeness more so than some other pedals.

    To me, it is not a Marshall in a box pedal as it really needs to front-end a distortion channel on the amp. A true Marshall in a box pedal can go into a clean channel and give distortion channel tone IMHO.
  7. woude

    woude Member

    Dec 23, 2005
    Schiedam, NL
    not me, I like it a lot! It can easily hold its own against a fultone OCD. The keeley ds-1 is perfect for boosting an already overdriven amp, liked it less on the clean channel. It's really a satriani and vai lead tone in a box.
  8. Gas-man

    Gas-man Unrepentant Massaganist

    Feb 28, 2006
    Dude Ranch Above The Sea
    I use mine in a loop in conjunction with a Keeley BD-2 and use the DS1 only for leads.

    It can cop the Dan Huff-type solo tone heard on modern country records.

    So I guess you could call that generic, but it is the sound people are expecting and it sounds dang good to me.
  9. ptdesign

    ptdesign Handmade sonic art

    May 13, 2006
    S.F. Bay area
    I play a Fender HRDX through the clean channel only and I really liked my Keeley sem / ultra. I ran it in ultra mode only and it was great for one tone. It does a thick chewy compressed lead tone and crunch with the gain maxxed and the tone at 10 - 11:00 but, it's a little hollow in the mids (slightly metal sounding)
    My 500k OCD is great for an OD and has a lot of gain on tap but not enough sustain when used with the gain maxxed for leads. The OCD is a much more refined tone and versitile pedal. It combines well with other od's for high gain leads.
    I replaced my Ultra with a blues driver I modded to Keeley phat specs because: The BD-2 does a good OD, It cleans up nicely with the vol. knob. Has a very good high gain lead and rhythm sound and sustains better than the ds-1. It combines very well with the OCD and other OD's. Also the input cap mod on the Bd-2 phat gives it a very good bypass with no tone loss. The DS sem/ultra got sold due to lack of versatility and mids through a clean fender amp.
  10. Mixotonic

    Mixotonic Member

    May 13, 2006
    Hudson, New York
    The only thing I do not like about my Keeley DS-1 Ultra is the color!!:)
  11. RobertS.

    RobertS. Member

    Feb 7, 2006
    Ontario, Canada
    It stacks great with my COT50 & even on it's own it's got a nice singing tone thru my Marshall. It's staying on my pedal board for now.

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