Anyone in DC Want to Go See the Darkness Tomorrow?

Guitar Josh

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Well my friends do not share my penchant for resurgence hair rock, so I have some extra tickets to the show. I'm still going, even alone, but if another TGPer would like to come along, that would be cool! Send me a PM.


I would if i could!

We could hold hands, and skip merrily to the show. It'd be fun! F-U-N

I believe in a thing called love...
Someone buy those tickets! I saw them last night in NY and it was INCREDIBLE! Those guys were locked in and just brought the rock. Watching them made me realize how much work I've got to do in terms of both playing and performance. Justin hit every note & I still can't figure out how he's able to keep his voice for an entire show, much less an entire tour.

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