Anyone in san diego with a Super Reverb?


Hey everyone

i know this may seem like a silly question, but i wanted to try out a Fender Super Reverb BF. I was going to go to the two guitar centers in San Diego, but unfortunately they both do not have them up front to try out anymore (they mostly have twin reverbs at the moment).

I'm currently deciding on building either a Twin Reverb or a Super Reverb (either in the original 4x10 or the 2x12) from ted weber. However, i haven't tried the Super Reverb since half a year ago, and now i've completely forgotten how it sounds haha.

Is there anyone in the San Diego area that is willing to let me try out this amp, or know of a place that may let me try one out within the san diego area? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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i'd love to help you out, but i don't have mine any more.

I think you can find one at guitar trader in clairmont.


Freedom Guitar on El Cajon Blvd. has plenty. They're overpriced but they may let you rock one.
Oh, yeah, I can hear them now: "HEY! You gonna BUY that thing or WHAT!?"

Listen, if you get stuck and can't find one, I have a '66. But, it's loaded with JBL K-110s so it's REALLY clean, REALLY loud and REALLY heavy.

A beautiful amp for what it is, but it may not be representative of what most of us, me included, think of as typical for a Super Reverb.

PM me if you can't find another.

BTW, I'm thinking about a combination of Weber Alnicos and ceramics in it eventually.
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Guitar Center in La Mesa has one on the floor. Stupid price but easy to crank.

The guys at Freedom are sometimes not so happy to let you crank their amps, so you have to catch them on a good day. There's a lot of selling not so much of vintage appreciation

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