Anyone installed locking Neutriks on their board?


I have a trailer trash pedalboard (I got a job with the census last year and had a lot of disposable there)...i didn't have Rooster wire it because i thought/still think his pricing for that is way over the top. I went the old fashioned way of having everything ontop of the board but now i think i've finally settled on a layout/setup that i want to keep (and i want to keep myself from spending so much money on new pedals and instead save up for more guitars/amps/get married (the important things in life) and I'm having friends with the know how install a hardtop, solder locking neutriks on the side of the board, and wire all the pedal cables underneath the board....basically everyone is working for different favors from me (the age old trade of bartering :))...

anywho, my question:

i have some friends that swear by their pedaltrain layouts because it's so easy to swap pedals and it's so easy to detect a bad cable and replace it on the fly when they go bad on the road, etc....

have any of you gone this route of wiring everything underneath your board and installing locking neutriks (soldering cable to the neutriks, etc..)....if so, have you had a lot of these issues? how likely/often do your cables go bad if you don't move them much? what about the soldering parts? do those go bad easily?


i have a trailer trash board, all my patches are George L's solderless cables but the neutriks are soldered to the George L's. The board sits in an ATA case and i keep the bottom on all the time (AKA the bottom of the board is never exposed to anything besides the inside of the case..)

thanks for your help!

Andy J.

I've got locking Neutriks on my DIY board, soldered to George L's. Haven't had a single problem with mine, athough I haven't gigged it that much during the last couple of years.

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My Suggestion: If you are soldering the ends of the GL cable to the Neutrik locking jack, I would suggest getting a pancake plug or straight plug and solder the other end. That cable and locking plug will be permanent on your board no matter how often you change your effects. Even if you choose to use solderless patch cables between your effects, that cable needs to be as solid as you can have it. My .02

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