Anyone know what the diff is...D'addario "high carbon" plain vs regular XL?



I use the age old D'addario XL110 sets but can't seem to find .010" singles like the ones that come in the in the blue paper envelope. All i found locally when looking to buy some spare 10's is the ones on the page above on the right side top row that say high carbon steel in a plastic grey package. In the past they always came in a blue paper envelope like the 2 in the second row, tho those show black print. One says double ball which i don't get and one says soldered end so i don't think they are the same as in the XL110 sets. So that just complicates my effort to try and buy some single 10's. I need to buy a bunch and i don't want to buy the wrong ones. They never said "high carbon" on the pack in the past, so i'm afraid to buy those for fear they will not be tonally compatible with the many sets i have who's 10's i have robbed when breaking strings in a relatively new set. Why they have to change things so it becomes confusing is beyond me. I tried to call and i get an answering machine and i never get a call back. Good god man, how complicated does it have to be buying some friggin' single strings ! Does anyone know if those high carbon ones are different and do they still have the same "plain steel" 10's ? I have looked online too and no joy.


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Double ball for Steinberger type headless, soldered ends for hard trem use...
Plain steel is what you want and just about any brand of regular plain steel .010 should. be fine.


looks like the "high carbon steel" is the new replacement for all the XL sets, probably what they are equipped with normally

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