Anyone loves Les Pauls but have a hard time playing them?

Hey guys,

I'm a huge Randy Rhoads and Slash fan (cliché I know but still).
I love Les Pauls for their looks and their sound but I play so much better on an SG.
Offcourse the higher frets are way more accessible than on a LP and I find an SG way better balanced than a Les Paul. They just seem to slip away to the right cause of the heavy body.
Anyone else love Les Pauls but just have a hard time playing them?
It's definitely no example of ergo but I don't find it a hard adjust. Oddly and contrary to some, I find sitting better than standing either way. :)
As much as I like the look and sound, the ergos don't work for me.

I ended up with a SZ2020 to cover those bases:
I have a really great 2002 Standard with Thornbuckers. Sounds glorious. Stays in tune. Perfect for cover band gigs. Love it.


Even though I've owned that guitar for 15 years.... it will never feel quite as comfortable as a Strat or Tele.

The higher up the neck I go on the LP... the more I notice it. And the longer the gig... the more I notice it.

So in this pic... I'm really noticing... foot up on the monitor to reach those high notes!

OP I switched to PRS Standard 22s in 2015 and now have a few of them...I recently tried superstrats but didn't love the longer scale after LPS for years...the PRS seems to fit the bill....I just bought a Vela as well but the S2 range can be had as low as 700 used and they're wonderfully playing guitars with great balance and light weight!!
I don't choose mine much at all anymore. Though the sound is dialed in beautifully for me -- pickups, pots, caps, etc, and of course the LP build itself) -- it just doesn't have the overall feel that my other choices offer. The extra weight, flat back and no beveling, and mammoth body join don't really bother me, but since my other ready choices -- a CS Strat, an old SG most often -- feel better and handle and play better, there's no reason for me to grab the LP. It has an "antique" aspect to it that I don't find appealing anymore. It's purely personal.

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