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Anyone make this kind of A/B looper?

I did a little photoshop to an existing pedal to illustrate what I need.

Right switch toggles between either loop A or B.

Left switch combines A & B with an additional blend pot to pan/mix both loops with emphasis on either A or B.



Loooper could - he's not building yet because of his wrists. Might still be a little while. I have the exact thing minus the blend pot. He could do it no troubles though. I also got a "ON" button to easily bypass/turn on loops and a Tuner Mute with mine.

I'm happy to sell you mine if you want it. pm me.


Other than that try

Shuffle, I tried contacting Dave and haven't received a reply yet. The blend feature is the key for me. Thanks for the offer though.

coolhand, thanks for the reference, I emailed them to see if they could modify one of their pedals to do what I need.


so you want A&B to run parallel to each other? that's what the picture seems to imply. Big issue there: you'll probably want some buffer before the blend knob to account for the extra impedance introduced by the parallel split.

If you're thinking A serial into B, then you get a whole bunch of issues with regards to turning you're "blend" and maintaining the same volume. I'm having a hard time imagining this setup without your dry signal running parallel to the two loops.

In other words, what are you looking to do?

Unfortunately I think Loooper will not make a return. He stopped building years back. You could try Loop-Master or someone similar, don't know what they would say

lastly, it would be pretty expensive, but something like the Sound Sculpture Switchblade would do this and a host of other things, but we're talking a whole different level of overall complexity. Here for their explanation about serial vs parallel loops and such.

Thanks Joe. Yeah, it basically will be like a 2 channel mixer with stomp switches. Unfortunately, Loop-Master will not build this type. Thanks for the referenced explanation.

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