Anyone own a David Allen built 6 watt Chihuahua?


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I am building my kit right now and was hoping for a couple gut shots of how the man himself builds these so I can make it as nice as I can in terms of wiring efficiency. Also, there are quite a few unlabeled resistors in the kit and seeing as I have no idea which goes where for a lot of them a visual pic of them in the flesh vs. on a schematic would be greatly appreciated. How the heck do you figure out which is which if they are not labeled? They are all different colors and shapes so that might be a good clue but I can't find any reference diagrams online. In addition to just a nice clear shot from above a couple shots angled forward/backward to see the insides of the front panel and rear panel to better elucidate how everything is aligned in there, how the resistors are bent and positioned on their respective pots/jacks, etc...

Would love see the pics by PM if you don't want to post here. Just want to get started on my build and don't want to screw it up!

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Do a Google image search for chihuahua amp to see general layouts, but if you just follow Dave's instructions and the diagram, it will be fine. Keep in mind that there are variations of this amp, so you can't go by a picture without knowing exactly what you are looking at.

As for the resistors, the colors and shapes are indeed clues, that's actually how you determine their values. See this page. There are many other references online also.

Is this your first kit by chance? If so, I'd like to strongly suggest that you start with something like this little Zeppelin Design Labs Percolator kit. It's a nice little kit with good, step-by-step instructions with pictures that will guide you through everything. Doing it will give you some experience that will help with the Chihuhua. The amp-only kit is just $225, and IMO would be a better kit to start with.

Good luck, and have fun.

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