Anyone Own a Dirty Shirley Mini & a Decibel Meter?


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I have been looking at the Dirty Shirley Mini and I'm hoping someone might be able/willing to do a quick sound level test for me. I like to keep my volume between 85dB and 100dB, and many amps seem to lack a gradual increase through this range...

If you're willing to help, here's what I'm wondering:

With guitar volume on 10 (ideally a Les Paul or Humbucker guitar), Gain at 9 o'clock and all the EQ at Noon, where on the Master does it hit 85dB, 90db, and 100dB?

Same test with the gain at 1 o'clock.

I can't seem to find one anywhere locally to try it in-person, so I'd really appreciate any help.

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