anyone own/played a epi slash?


I had a pretty good trade offer on a mint slash epi the other day and wondered what the general consensus was on them. Compared to the gibby slash? Compared to other epi's?
Or better yet... compared to a bare bones Gibson studio.


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I've owned 2 of these. 1 sunburst and the Appetite version. The sunburst was a nice guitar with no flaws but I'm not sure it was a very good value new. The Appetite version was a killer guitar. It was heavy, close to 10lbs. Sounded and played great. I liked it better than the Gibson version I was also considering which doesn't happen to me very often.

At the right price, I'd buy another.


I played an appetite one. Honestly, it didn't play very well but I don't think it was because it was an epiphone. The string action was super high, the neck needed some adjustment, the nut needed some smoothing/cutting/replacing. I never plugged it in, but I can tell you, if it had some good ol' fashioned TLC, it probably would've made a killer guitar.

Me, I'm a gibson guy. I love 'em like no other guitar. But if you can find an axe that fits you, just go with it. It's best not to let brand get in the way of functionality.

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