Anyone play a Bad Cat "The Paw"?


I am very curious what thats about. Its not very expensive so not sure if its more like a recording tool from a boutique company or what. Seems like its more of a live or recording stereo tool since it has 60 watts per side and USB connection but comes with IRs. Im not sure what the hell it is though. I mean it apparently is a preamp of a cub but in stereo... It only costs 799. so Im guessing what its cub or its for playing both live and also like K-master type or good for silent recording or what? It says its a Cub preamp but stereo and has 16 built in IRs and USB and looks like it has little speakers built into the head as well so how would that stand up against a real production model? Anyone know anything about this?


I think these are shipping now -seems like a great home amp as well as potentially enough to use it for gigs if paired with a cab


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Really interested, do the IRs work with the built in speakers?
They do, even though the speakers are 'guitar amp' speakers they said the IR's sound good through them.
The IR's work at every output as well or can be bypassed. I don't think you can make them active at some outputs but bypassed at others though if I'm remembering it correctly.

I would be able to answer that for certain if mine had really shipped any one of the numerous times they implied it far I've gotten a consolation T shirt and then every couple of months later offers for more T shirts...I'd settle for a straight answer or a refund at this point.
I understand the Covid 19 virus disrupted supply chains and labor schedules but it shouldn't have had that effect on the flow of legit information, as far as I know the whole US has had internet the whole time.

/end bitter rant
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