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Anyone Playing a Power Jet?


Hey folks,

Been reading and gleaning what I can out of TGP for years now and I finally have a question of my own.

For some context I play a Gretsch Power Jet. I play mostly ambient low/mid gain type pop/rock. Or P&W if that helps ya. Right now I'm running through a 68 PRRI at home and a blues Jr mic'd in live situations. I like the Fender sound but I'm looking for something a little sweeter than the bottom line.

Anyway I'm looking for a low wattage amp (ideally 15-20 watts but up to 30 would be fine) that has a good amount of headroom and give a lot of clarity. If you've played a power jet you know that the powertrons have more oomph than the classics. Higher output and more in the mids. Which I like, but sometimes that can make the delay and reverb heavy stuff kinda muddy. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend that would maintain clarity as far as amp choice.

I've tried a Bad Cat hot cat, Jackson Amps Britain, a Divided by 13 something or other and they're all great, but if I go that route it'll be a few years before I have the cabbage for it.



I play a Gretsch Power Jet with TV Jones powertrons. I too, was looking for a little more than the mid-range amps could offer. I've played my Gretsch through an upgraded Fender Blues Jr (celestion g12-65 with JJ late breakup tubes), Vox AC15, Egnater Rebel, Bugera V22, Fender Blues, and Musicman HD130. All amps have been "upgraded" to better speakers and tubes.. but there's only so much you can do with these mid-range type of amps. So I understand wanting more when playing P&W types of (all genre) music.

I recently bought a Morgan RCA35 head and cab and absolutely love it. Played live at my church last week and was blown away how great it sounded in the house (and in my IEMs). I can get better than Fender tones and, with the pull knob on the gain, get better than Vox tones. Full but not muddy. Chimey and bright not shrilly. For my musician friends out there, it definitely caught their attention (i didn't tell them I was running a new amp that morning). It's a standout tone. I was going for the Jeffrey Kunde tone in the Kari Job live Majestic album and it comes very close to it! Also, we keep our amps in the back room and mic it for the house. So even in that situation, i was not disappointed.

I wanted an amp that can handle single coil Fender Strats and Teles and also my Gretsch (chamber and hollowbody), so the push/pull Morgan RCA35 was a good choice for me. Also, I run it through a tuner, compressor, some JHS drives, Eventide H9, Carbon Copy, Diamond Memory Lane Jr, Strymon Deco and Big Sky. The Morgan takes very well to pedals and as a stand alone. It shines at low volumes in my home and really comes alive in Sanctuary in house volumes. I no longer hate practicing at home due to gross bedroom level volumes where everything sounds fizzed out and weak.

I'm still new to my gear.. but it can only get better from here!

Oh and if it's still way out of your price range, the Power Jet sounds really good through a $500 AC15C1x (Celestion Blue speaker) too. Very good tones paired with the Gretsch. It's not Fender, but with the thicker TV Jones Powertrons, you'll find a nice range of good tones fit for church ambient/ mid gain alternative/rock.

Hope that helps!



Thanks for your input! I hadn't really given Morgan much of a look, but I will now.

I've tried Voxes and have been left wanting. I've tried the AC15 like you mentioned, but it was pretty underwhelming and honestly didn't stack up to what the Blues Jr. offered.

It's just a matter of getting the cabbage for something a little more swanky.

Thanks again!

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