anyone recommend Tube Amp Doctor tubes?


TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) tubes are slightly more expensive than other tubes. Prices for a matched pair are:

Sovtek $18
JJ, Peavey $22
TAD $28
Groove Tubes $32

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]What sets the TAD EL84 apart from other tubes is its heavy duty construction, featuring a thick glass envelope as well as premium cathode and plate materials and gold grid wire. This an a great replacement for any EL84 based amplifier. [/FONT]
I'm wondering if the extra cost is worthwhile these days.


Don't know yet but i have a new quad set waiting to go in.

I'm ponying up the money for 12ax7s also and I'm going to do all of them at once....I'll be back.


TAD tubes are just rebranded or re-labeled tubes.
What each of them actually are I don't know.

I do know I had a TAD 6L6 redplate after about 8 hours of use.
But hey, it sounded great until then...

Doug's Tubes

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Made in China at the Shuguang factory. The TAD 12AX7's are 9th gen Shuguangs.......we carried certain TAD tubes for a while, but the 30 day warranty extended by the US distributor is not long enough for the price of these tubes. We'll stick to RUBY tubes.


The amp's owner decided on JJ EL84's and EH 12AX7's (for a Peavey Delta Blues), which I thought was a nice choice.

Doug, I checked and your prices are very reasonable / competitive.
I really like how you've put each tube in order by price.
Next time I have questions, I'll contact and order from you.

BTW - you might want to add a "Home" link to your site menus. Some also make the logo a link.
(There is a Home link underneath the menu, but I didn't see it until I looked).

Steve Foley

I heard a lot of good propaganda a couple of years ago, and tried a matched pair. I didn't stick them in the amp until a month or so after I bought them. They didn't match even nearly closely - I mean they were WAY mismatched. I let them know, and asked them to trade them out, but they basically said since I'd bought them over 30-days prior, they couldn't replace them.
Like I said, I had JUST installed them, even though I had purchased them a month prior. The error was definitely and obviously on their end, but they snubbed me for a few dollar set of tubes. End result: I no longer use them, and share my tale when asked. I was surprised and disappointed at the service and results of the "matching".
They might be great tubes, but think I'll pass, under those circumstances; others have had better luck, but until they make it right with me, I can't say the same. Sour grapes.... :puh

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