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Anyone repainted a Strat?


I think stripping poly would be horrible job to want to take. I read some guys have good luck heating it. I'd just buy a new body, guys who refinish say that's easiest. Maybe costs a bit more upfront, but when you think of all the work, maybe not. I would not want to just scuff it up and have more finish on top of what's already there, unless it was a thin one to begin with.

Of course, for me, I'd leave it, because oly white is the best color Fender offers!

Ron Kirn

there is a downside though....

I still remember those days, so long ago . . walking into Marvin Kaye's, or the American Music Store, or . . . and that first scent that hung in the air in those old buildings.... still gives me goose bumps...

But to pickup a new Strat, Jaguar, JM, Tele, Les Paul, SG or what ever.... and think... How many lawns do I gotta mow to come up with 300 bux....

and the unparalleled excitement when Dad would come home with a guitar...

Now... there's few examples out there that I cannot build.... kinda blurs the passion...

So... be careful what you want.... you may get it....

Ron Kirn

freedom's door

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White is the perfect backdrop for some cool designs. Get a few stickers you like, slap them on, and you're done.

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