Anyone run just 2 or 3 speakers in a Bassman? Is it safe?...


I was recently trying out some Webers in my Victoria Bassman (prefer the Jensens & Emi Blueframes), and I was A/B'ing them with only 2 speakers at a time to change them out real quick while my ears were able to disern the tonal differences.
I'm having issues with the clips on a couple of the wiring harness ends, so I'm just running 2 Eminence blueframes at the moment which are 30 watts I believe. The amp is 45 watts and the speakers total 60 watts (8ohms each).
I have a gig tommorrow. If I dont get the other 2 speakers in, is it safe to run the 2?
I run at 5 on the 2 jumpered volumes at most.


If you run 2 or 3 speakers for tonal reasons, what are the benefits?

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