Anyone sentimentally attached to something that just isn't working for you anymore?


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Silver and Blackfaced Fenders. I have used them for years. Their look and sound is as familiar as it gets for me. But anymore their sound isn't making it for me. I need mids. Tweeds and Marshalls, even their cleans, suit me better. So all my silvers (several of them) have gone but one. A Vibrolux. Damned fine one. Their prices have more than doubled since I bought this one. If I sell it, I will likely never own another. How can I not own a Silverfaced Fender? So what do you sentimental types do?


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If I'm not using it, I get rid of it. I went through the "sentimental" thing a while back and decided to sell anyway. Guess what; I didn't miss that stuff at all when it was gone and my bank account grew too. Win win IMO.


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Agree totally - I have stuff from when I started playing in the 60s - I hate to sell stuff. I love to rotate through my old stuff blended in with my new gear - I too own 4 or 5 silverface Fenders but I try to keep each one somewhat unique by using different tubes and speaker types and all of mine have different wattage rating so I can pick the best tool for the job. I try to keep in mind what I already own when going after something new.
If you can afford to keep redundant gear that's great - some people are on the quest to own "pro level/ boutique" type gear and are meerly "using" a piece along the way and usually try to sell it after they are done or have an opportunity to turn a profit for their quest.
I, for one, like the sounds and memories my old gear gives me.
I also sometimes think I'm a hoarder.
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Since you once loved these amps I would keep it. If you never liked them let it go, but chances are you will come to appreciated what you once loved. All it takes it hearing and old recording and thinking "man, that sounds great." At that point, go to the closet and fall in love all over again.



It may be a "period" your going thru. Sell it and you just turnaround and ask yourself why you did it!


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OMG ... about 20 of my guitars & a bunch of amps collected from over the years..
They have got to go ... but getting around to it is painful


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For me it depends on what it is. If it is quality piece of gear I tend to hold on to it as my taste change over time. A good example is a 1980 AS200 I got cheap. At the time I was younger, and did not really care for 335 type guitars, more of a super strat player back then. But I kept it because I new someday I would probably appreciate it, and now I do.
Stuff like a effects units, anything digital, and easily replaced amps, I sell off if not being used.


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Its silly easy to add mids to your blackface or silver face Fender.

Yeah, I thought about a 10k mid resistor. But I don't know. Why mod something with so much to choose from these days. Great suggestions from both sides of the argument.


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I may be the guy to blasphemy.

I started playing when I was 10.

I am 56.

I have developed an affinity to not only the sound of vintage - but the look - visual aesthetics.

Here we go.

I consider vintage musical products - whatever they may be - as BOTH a form and function thing.

In other words.

I would rather have a, say, 1960 Vibrasonic, sitting in the family room for visual pleasure than many sculptures or pictures.

Is that their prime purpose?


Many will say that function is paramount.

Perhaps debatable.​


yeah, i have a badcat hotcat 100 collecting dust. a 82 jcm 800 2203 CSA protecting the badcat from getting too dusty, i have a 92 les paul standard birds eye maple top that i never play, a bunch of cabs, god i feel guilty now!
i ALWAYS go back to my 74 superlead, and my SLO. I have also been using my MAZ sr 1/12 for a lot of gigs. Now,i have a new trainwreck. i think everything but the super and tha SLO is going.
i dont know. i spent sooooo much and sooo long to get the stuff, ill never get my money back, so whats the point in selling it. it just takes up so much room.
plus i always end up regretting selling stuff off. they are like my stuffed animals! we have tea parties and stuff!:D


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My 2001 Strat. I gigged with it for about 5 yrs. Looks 20 years old. Plays OK, but the sound of it pales in comparison to my recent purchases. Namely my LP that I bought in 2006. But, I can't get rid of it because my 7 year old son loves it, and wants it. Probably because of the sky blue color and awesome Captain America sticker on it. It has dual humbuckers in it, a bareknuckle VHII and some other pickup that I can't remember. Just collects dust waiting for son #1. That, and my massive G.I. Joe collection from the 80's. I don't wanna even think about selling all of that stuff. It's more of an undertaking than I wanna tackle. I could probably buy a crap load of gear with the profits. Basically every toy from '82 to '86. My #2 son kinda wants it, so I hold on to it too. Kids. : )
I should have known 2 pages in that I was too late to post "My Wife"

As far as gear goes, nope...nothing I bought the first couple years is used anymore,,,I kept the cheapy strat and amp for my kid, and the 2-3 ss amps I started with have been long sold...but the oldest gear I still use is my epiphone dot I bought in 2006


yeah my jmp50 marshall. great amp but i am done lugging half stacks around.
i only keep it because of it´s mojo and because i have a great place in my living room where it can sit retired just looking cool.

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