Anyone still racking it up?


Anyone out there still playing a rack setup?

I've got an old 70s tube head and a rack setup and I've gotta admit im loving the rack gear atm.


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Ive keep a minimal rack. I actually use it more like an amp head. PV Rockmaster,JMP 1 and a Classic 50/50 power amp. I use a board with EQ,Delay,clean boost and wah with it same as with my other gear. Bob
I do both.. pedal board for most of my main sounds.. and for harder rocking rhythms & leads I switch to a ADA MP-1 Classic with a Roland GP-8 in the loop (the GP-8 has REALLY good delays & chorus).

I was using an AXE-FX Ultra for a while. It was great for recording, but I never could get my live sound to be as good as my pedals & the ADA

Steve Dallas

I would venture a guess than anyone who has adopted the AXE-FX is a "rack person."

Funny this question should come up. I've recently trotted out some of my old rack stuff and have been having a blast with it. And, hey my tone wasn't half bad back then. I just remember it sucking for some reason.
That AXE-FX was amazing in features, tweakability, and for recording.. but on the gig, I just never could get it to sound right. Went back to my Dr.Z.. a few pedals.. and much happier with the sound.

But I am a person that loves programming processors, so that wasnt the problem with me. I got great sound at home, but it didnt sound like a real amp when I went out to gig. Maybe it wasnt meant to be used that way?...

But it is an amazing piece of work. I'd rather use it for recording than anything else.

Dave L

I still keep a very modest rack, with a Rivera TBR1, a Furman and two FX units. But even that is too cumbersome and heavy to cart around, so it mostly lives at the rehearsal space.
One really easy rig I put together sometimes is my 1-space ADA Microtube 200 power amp, the ADA MP-1, & the Roland GP-8. All fits in a 3-space rack bag. Depending on the gig size I can take a 1X12 or 2X12 cab. Simple midi switching pedal & you have a pretty compact & very versatile rig


I'm a long time rack addict. I've done both the preamp/power amp/FX thing (Triaxis, Egnater M4), and the head/FX thing (Rivera M100, Boogie Mark IV) and just love the power of programming and one step tone/fx changes.

My latest rig is built around a THD Flexi 50. I load the Flexi 50 into a Hot Plate, then line out to a G-Major. This feeds a stereo power amp (currently a single space SS amp) and on to a stereo 2X12. Ive got an RJM Amp Gizmo for midi controlled channel/boost switching on the amp (although the G-Major can handle this for the Flexi 50). I still have a pedal board with pre-amp type pedals (OD, Boost, Octaver, Compressor, Wah, Talk Box), but may move some of these into a rack with a GCX switching system for further automation.

I've had cheesey racks, and I've had nice racks, but I just can't seem to get away from the power and flexibility of a rack based rig.


I'd rather use my old and homemade pedals live (I use them in studio) but I don't feel like having them kicked/trodded on destroyed by drunk girls onstage so I've been using my ValveFX for the past ten years or so for the numerous effects I need live.

I just upgraded to a GSP1101 and used it for rehearsal last night and I'm loving it!
I can't wait for saturdays gig!

I also have my wireless and power supply in the rack, it takes me about 3 minutes to set up.


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My 6U rack is:

X2 wireless
Digitech GSP1101 (Kicks a$$! Expecially with the C40 Beta software upgrade)
Boss GX700
Tubeworks ProValve 50/50 Stereo 6L6 Tube Power Amp
Peavey Penta 412 Stereo Cab

LOVE it!!

Dave L

I guess I could add that apart from the TBR1 rack rig I also use a small rackcase in my main "regular" rig, with a Furman and a Rocktron Multivalve.

Around 2001 or so I had more of a "classic" rack rig, with two preamps (went thru a MP1, a Boogie Studio, a Carvin Quad, a Groove Tubes Trio, a Soldano SP77, a JMP1 etc.) hooked up in a Rocktron switcher, a few old school FX units (Roland, Ibanez etc.) and a Marshall 9000-series poweramp. It looked awesomely 80´s and various incarnations of it sounded damn good, and the best part is that back then you could get rack gear dirt cheap around here.


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Ive keep a minimal rack. I actually use it more like an amp head. PV Rockmaster,JMP 1 and a Classic 50/50 power amp. I use a board with EQ,Delay,clean boost and wah with it same as with my other gear. Bob

I had the PV Rockmaster and Classic 50/50 combo as well, great tone. I set the power amp up so I was using one side with two tubes pulled, making it an 18 watter. With JJ EL84s, it sounded great.


I've got a few different setups, but have kept my Mesa Studio Pre, 50/50, and Line6 Echo Pro since I bought all of em new years ago (not that many years ago for the Line6). All in a 5-space padded rack bag. Weighs as much as the same volume of dwarf star, and produces nearly as much heat.

I don't cart it out anymore unless I'm playing bigger halls or outdoors, but I'm always happy when I do. Run through a pair of 1 -12" Mesa cabs, it is a huge sounding stereo rig. Playing through other great amps, I'm rarely unhappy with any of 'em, I don't seem to have any set tone I "require", I prefer to explore and enjoy what any great amp has to show me. But then I crank the Mesa rack rig, and I remember why I love stereo setups, that one in particular. Plus you can play at lower volume and still get amazing dispersion.

Don't think I'll ever get rid of it; even in the house, at volumes where the 50/50 is barely awake, it sounds great.


It's hard to get by without some rack gear notably reverbs and delays .I still have racks and Heads and combos. no prejudice.I have
Pre amps;
Power amps;
G Major


Luckily, I still have my Demeter TGP-3 preamp with the Slave poweramp.
I run a TC G Major in the loop and sometimes a Fender Tube reverb thru the front.

What a great setup (though it is too cumbersome to cart around)

Shark Diver

I grew up on racks, and tried to convert to heads a while ago. Had a few Bogners, Diezels, DR. Z and Bad Cats. Just found myself racking the pedals with a switching system and thought why the hell am I using a head, I still have a rack? Put a deposit down on the motorized midi Caswell head, but after a year of waiting for it to be built gave up. So, sold the heads and tried the Axe for over a year and a half. It was decent, but just not there for me.

So, now I have a SLO rack amp with a Bogner Fish, using my 2290 again and I'm in heaven. Even went as far as grabbing an original Palmer 03 and decided to still run FRFR. No guitar cabs. I now have the convenience of the Axe, but the tone of a tube head. Stereo, switchable, reach down to turn a knob and tweak without scrolling through menus, no real set up time. Crank the amp without volume issues. Perfect.

I also bought an X99 with a Soldano mono block SM 100r power amp for a back up rig and home use. Run that into a couple of cabs for fun, but I really think I get better tones with the Palmer.

Racks rule!


I started with a pedal board but things kept growing...
So about 1 year ago I decided to rack it up.
Long time project.
My rack is not for the amps - it's just a (somewhat oversized) place for the effexts. So far there is a furman, d-two, m-one, mixer/splitter for w/d-things, 3 drawers for the pedals and a looper.
As I want a few more loops I'd love to see the new axess looper...

Racks ain't that way easy to carry but freaking cool!


Bad Juju

I have an 8U rack that I use with my Bogner XTC 101B and Shiva 2x12 cab:
ETA Power Conditioner
Korg DTR-1 tuner
tc electronics D-Two
ISP Decimator Pro Rack G
Rocktron Xpression

I have a pedal drawer in it but no pedals yet. I think it will probably stay that way and I'll get a smaller rack. Or get a 2 space locking drawer for cables and stuff.
I've got a great rack rig I've put together around a head and cab setup -- will let me rack my pedals and use a midi controller and rack strip to switch between amp channels, pedals, and rack effects for maximum flexibility. Here is a thread on it:

Only problem -- I'm still stumped as to how to get everything to play nicely with each other and be controlled by the midi controller. It's probably a lot simpler than I'm making it out to be; I just need the time to dig in and make it work.

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