anyone tried 2 2x12's?


I'm a pretty firm believer that nothing is going to sound like a 4x12, I, but I'm kinda short, and loading a 4x12 by myself is a bitch... so I was wondering if two 2x12's stacked could maybe be a decent compromise?

BTW, I've tried Bogner big 2x12, and various ported cabs, and I don't really dig any of them. I actually think ported cabs sound like crap... So those don't need to be suggested.
Ya I love it ! I did it with my Marshall 2061X and made it a full stack. click my link to see it in the videos. you can see it in the 1959 bassman videos with no pedals. its in the corner. all the clips are a mini full stack..


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I used two 2x12s in my big rig (with and without a 2x12 subwoofer) for a couple of years and just recently switched to a 4x12.

The 2x12 has it's own sound; some prefer it some don't. I think the 2x12s on the whole sound tighter and more compressed. The 4x12 sounds bigger and has more punch.

As heavy as the Rivera 2x12s are it's actually easier to move a 4x12, as long as you don't have to go up stairs, since you don't have to bend over to push it.

I like the sound of the rig better with the 4x12 but kept the 2x12's for smaller venues.



I use a pair of 2x12 cabs with my Budda SD45. My 4x12 cabinet (early Budda/P.A.T. prototype) weighs a metric ton - 45+ lbs more than a Marshall 1960 cab outfitted with the same speakers, and awkward. I can't carry it by myself. I've resorted using a pair of 2x12 - a Budda and an Avatar. I like the rig. I might replace the Avatar with a 2nd Budda cab. I like the idea of being able to aim the individual cabinets so that I get a larger coverage area onstage.



I have tried some 2 X 12"s but 4 X 10"s sound so much better to me and they are even lighter to carry.

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I use a 410 live, I have a 412 in the studio. I have two 212's I want to use, but to tell you the truth I like the sound of the 410 1965 with black backs. I altered the cab to put an oval 9"X15" port in the back and it's not near as compressed and boomy as it was. I want another one.

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