Anyone tried the Matchless 4x10 with a C-30


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I currently have an HC-30 head into a Matchless ESD 2x12 cab with the dissimilar speakers. Absolutely love the combination. But recently, I was reading the C-30 manual from Matchless and noted this:

"Four-ten-inch speaker enclosures have smooth, deep, bass, and silky heights with less midrange."

This is intriguing to me because if I have one minor complaint with my setup, it's that it can be mid range heavy at times, and sometimes hard to dial out some of the extra brightness. So "silky heights [sic] with less midrange" sounds appealing to me.

Anyone tried the Matchless 4x10 with the C-30 (or any other amp for that matter) that can provide some input?

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I had a 4x10 with those same speakers and find the description accurate. They used Celestion G10L-35 speakers which are no longer made.

I have two that I'm saving for a later date. My goal is to have another cab using two of these with two Vintage 10's.

Already did a 2x10 and it sounded great with a Mesa transatlantic 15 and Mark IV.


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Haven't had a 410 but have had a couple 210 Matchless combos and a 212 Matchless speaker cab. The modern 10's (greenbacks) in a 210 are certainly "silkier" in the highs and deeper than the mismatched 212 (it's a '98- idk which speakers in this year). The 210 with g10L35's is raspier, and though the lows aren't as deep it feels like they hit harder. Like they're tighter and more powerful, but not as low. I'd say the 212 speaker cab sounds a lot more like the 210 with g10L35's, but very slightly less deep, bigger and more open. My experience is very recent between a Lightning and Nighthawk.

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