Anyone try a WGS Liberator yet?


Saw that these are new and haven't read much about them. Anyone got some first hand experience with one?


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I just sold the 2 that I had. I thought they sounded really good; the clips on their site (with the rockerverb) are pretty representative of the actual sound I was getting with them.

They've got quite a bit of action going on in the mids to higher mids department. So, you may want to consider that when you're deciding for your particular amp. If your amp already mid-heavy - these might sound accentuate that a little more.

But, all in all - they did sound pretty good. They're somewhat similar to a G12-65, but not as dark (I guess... the only 65's I've used were old ones from the 80's, they were kind of dark). Also, the Liberators were not as loud or efficient as the other speakers I have (Vintage 30 and an Eminence Governor).

Anyway - this hasn't been my most informative post. Hope it helps though.

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