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Anyone use a Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi? Thoughts?


I've been really gasing for a plexi style amp lately, and I don't think I'll be able to buy a marshall anytime soon.

Anyone use a Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi? How do you use it? (Direct vs Clean Tube amps?)? The demos online seem amazing, and I can't seem to find too much info here...


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They came out with a new version not too long ago that has a "punch" control for midrange instead of the "thump" bass control that the first version had.


LOVE the Plexi pedals. I used two of the "thump" version for a while (thanks to Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day) that I'd alternate between with a Boss LS2. With the HOT switch it was like having 4 stages of gain. I primarily used them thru a Power Engine and Trademark 60 as well as various backline Fender amps and always got a nice thick, smooth dirt out of them. Cleaned up great with vol. knob (or if you just set it to clean it sounded great too). Very natural feedback and response. It’s the perfect “clean but dirty” Marshall sound that I’d tried out and returned many other pedals trying to find.

I'd still be using them if the Fly Rig 5 hadn't come along and swept me off my feet. That of course has a Plexi section which isn’t the same (T21 says it’s “based on” the Plexi pedal) but it’s a close nod to the single stomp. To me the original Plexi sounds more organic and robust than the FR5’s as it should being that’s its sole job. For something different I recently plugged one of the Plexi pedals into the front of a Mustang III v2 amp I recently bought set to a cleaned up “British 80’s” model and was really digging it.


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I had the 1st version with the 'thump' control. One thing about this pedal that you don't hear to much about is the excellent clean-up when using your volume knob. This pedal is the king of going from dirt to clean by rolling back the volume knob.

I sold the Plexi when I heard about the Fly Rig 5 (which I still have yet to pick up). I didn't think the pedal sounded like a Plexi - but, it did have a nice Marshallesque flavor to it. One of the better pedals I have owned.


Love mine. I run mine into either a tech21 liverpool or a laney lionheart amp. Either way it sounds amazing. No fizz, doesn't overdo the bass or fart out.

OotMagroot is totally correct about it cleaning up nicely. I run mine with the gain just under half way and for cleaner sounds just pick gently. It sounds amazing. Makes it really easy to go from clean to crunchy without changing the overall tone.

I have never played a plexi, so I can't comment on how close it is to that, but if I had to pick a single overdrive or distortion pedal to cover most anything the hot plexi would be it.


op, check out the Kingsley Constable, it's based on the "plexi" preamp and sounds amazing.
the Tech21 is probably good as their products are great, just thought I'd post this just in case you hadn't seen it.

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