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anyone use liquid skin/new skin on their fingertips?


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after yessterday's 4 hour practice, my fretting fingers were killing me. i'd pulled some skin away from one of my nails and super glue was no where to be found.

i applied some liquid skin/new skin on my fingertips and they are feeling much better.

is this an old trick i've missed out on?


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Oh yeah. Has saved me more than once. Usually from doing stupid, nonguitar things to my hands, and then having to play.


Does this stuff work for cracks on your fingers from dry skin? I get them all the time and they are painful.


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Does this stuff work for cracks on your fingers from dry skin? I get them all the time and they are painful.
Absolutely! I cannot make it through a New England winter without a bottle of this stuff. It does the trick, perfectly.

I always use two coats, with a few minutes drying between. If you do it right the first time, the split will heal without any re-application. It's never let me down, even on some really horrendous cracks.


esoteric pete

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i usually rip the skin from under my nail on my pointer and middle finger after a good long gig, and superglue is usually my best friend in that situation...


New Skin is an essential for guitarists, IMO. It works better for me than anything else I've ever tried. I always keep a bottle in my gig bag. 2 coats (as mentioned above) works well, and you can reapply during breaks if needed.
I prefer superglue to nu-skin- I can't stand that damned clove smell always hanging around.

If you're needing a patch on a skin split NOT on a playing finger, there's some NexCare stuff that is the cat's pajamas. Unlike superglue or nu-skin, it dries to a gummy consistency. It won't hold up to playing, but it's great for everything else.


superglue is a life saver for all skin cuts and such. Coming from a veteran EMS worker i am friends with-- superglue is even better than bandages and stitches because when applied, there is no chance of infection and in some cases, the laceration heals faster.

I cut my scalp really bad once and just cleaned out the gash and had a friend apply superglue in the wound. Pain went away after a few hours of it drying. Once healed, the glue just comes right out.

So i am a huge advocate of the liquid skin, superglue theories.


Ok, so I bought both new-skin and nexcare skin crack care for my... cracked skin.

The Nexcare stuff is 1/4 the liquid for 30% more money so we'll see.


I swear by the Super-Glue over the Liquid skin. The smell just gets to me after a while, plus super glue is well super.
I couldn't get thru winter without New-Skin and/or super glue. I find that over deep cracks I must reapply frequently over many days. Super glue works better for this. But neither one works on my broken wrist... so I won't be playing for a while anyhow.


Do you guys apply either the super glue or Nu Skin before you split the skin under your fingernail? Just as a precaution before the gig to strengthen it before it splits?

I have a 3 set gig next weekend and have not gotten enough practice time, and I'm sure I'm gonna hurt my fingers from bending....



I use that stuff when I've got to play with one of those nasty little 'crack-cuts' on one of my fingers in the winter. I wouldn't use it a week before a gig if you don't have to play. Lay off a few days and let it heal if you got the time.


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Mr Natural here.
I use nothing but my fingerprints. You dudes must have taken the SRV bio too seriously or your watching too much Bravo TV.


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