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Anyone used XSPro Audio Snake?


I'm looking for an audio snake that won't break my bank. I found some on ebay and amazon from the same company (Sigler Music in Arizona). The brand is XSPro. They have 16x4-channel, 100' snakes for $185 and $210 depending on the connectors. That quite a bit better than Audiopile at $350 (including shipping) and Pro Co at $460. Does anyone here have any experience with the XSPro snakes? Anything else better for the money?


Funny I'm looking at the 8 channel drop snake by them to keep stage clutter down. From what I've found is that they use 26 gauge wire. Not sure how much it matters but most good mic cables are 22-24 gauge. I think that it woukd choke the signal a little.

I came across the elite core stuff and it uses heavier gauge wire. That is what I will probably go with. Also check out seismic audio. I have one of their 16x8 snakes and it's been solid for over 5 years.

I have a rapco/horizon 16x4 (1/4 send and returns) I might part with.

But I would look into the elite core over the sx pro

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