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Anyone using a Audient iD14 USB Audio Interface??


I use Reason 10 and use a Propellerhead Balance USB input that has one mic channel going out, lower volume than the other channel. I may get it fixed but it's no long build nor supported.

So I'm looking for a new interface, the Audient appears to be a nice unit, can anyone chime in who owns the iD14 or any other Audient USB interface?


I do own a Audient ID14, and am really happy with it!

I'm using it with Logic Pro X, and it is working great, no stability issue (at least with Mac OS X, have no experience with Windows). The preamps are really nice, and the DI input is pretty nice too when recording direct (with something like a bass guitar). The only thing I don't like about the unit is the lack of an ON/OFF switch. I do like however the option of being able to power it via USB only (can't use the phantom power though). Very handy when you quickly want to record something with a dynamic mic, you just need the interface and your laptop.

The scroll is great, you can control your DAW with it using the ID button.

I had an Edirol FA66 prior to that, and it really is night and day, the convert/preamp combination brings the ID14 into 'serious' territory. I've also rented their ADAT rack preamp unit (the one with 8 preamps, forgot the ref) to record drums for one session, with amazing results!

It doesn't have inserts though, so if you need some, you may want to look at the ID22 instead.


I just received my id14 last week. Prior to that I had a presonus iOne which was a good interface but the audio quality That Audient has is way better. I think is even better that UA Apollo series, with less bells and whistles.

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