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anyone using a biyang pedal?


i just bought one on a whim, and am waiting for it to come in the mail. bought the tremolo.

was going to get a voodoo lab, but decided to buy the biyang and dano trem both for nearly the same price together.

just trying to find out what to expect.

eventually i'm going to learn to not just hit buy it now on ebay when i'm drunk.


Double Platinum Member
I have the chorus and I love it - True Bypass, and I can get a pretty good leslie vibe with it. I've also read some rumblings that it uses the same circuit as the Boss CE-5


I haven't bought any but I'm tempted because from what I've seen the build quality is excellent with good quality (and mostly conventional through-hole) components, and so they look like they might be good for experimenting and modding, especially because of the big case which gives plenty of spare room.

The OTD100 in particular looks interesting because unlike a lot of tube overdrives which just use the tube for clipping, this one is similar to the Tube Driver and has high voltage on the plate so the tube is actually being used for something more than mojo


I bought the chorus and it had an audible click on eacy "cycle" of the chorus. Had to sell mine off as a "fix it" pedal. The chorus sound itself was nice...just noisy.
I also read that is a copy of a Boss circuit...but I have a ce-5 and the Boss blows it away.
I do believe the one I had was just a lemon.

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