Anyone using Guitar Rig live on stage?


I've been using Guitar Rig to do some recording on my computer, and I thought it would be cool to somehow use this in a live setting.

I would probably just mix the funky delay/modulation effects ontop of my current pedals..

The only things I'm worried about is:
1. Is there any latency issues in a live situation?
2. Is there a way to combine the effects with my current setup (analog pedals into an AC15)?

This is the video that got me thinking..



Im surprised there isn't more interest here. I've been obsessed with my tone, like most of us, for some time. I've collected a decent array of pedals and a solid vintage fender amp. Still, I hear in my head sounds my setup will not match. Im also bringing my computer into my live show. It would be hugely convenient to combat noise issues entirely inside software. However, I must be able to accomplish the most musical sounds possible. I dot expect software to sound just like a vintage vox but I do demand a rich, full, organic result.

Can anyone using GR describe their full setup?
Is there a way to bring post GR to a tube amp? Recommended?
Basically, I want the best of all worlds. I want a clean signal to the computer with the ability to bring in analog effects. I also need near zero latency.

NI recommends direct to house sound from their kontrol pedal, right? Is that zero latency?



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I am using GR5 as well (along with AT and S-Gear).
I feel tempted to use it live for obvious reasons: Easy to transport and lots of sounds available.
BUT: What about the monitoring ? You cannot always rely on the sound companies to bring great sounding wedges. So there you are bringing your own monitor(s) or in Ears to the gig. So the transport and set up is not much easier than bringing a small amp and a pedal board.

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