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Anyone using RS Guitarworks Super Pots?


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These sound appealing to me because of the taper they're claimed to have. With a two PU guitar it would be nice to be able mix the PUs without any sudden drop-offs or humps in the throw of the pot. Does anyone have user experience with these and do they really solve this problem?



ive had them in my parker and they have worked great for a long while, i did just recently break the push pull pot by putting a knob too small on it and then yanking the shaft out of the pot with the knob still attached. the tone push pull pots are just alpha pots that are at stew mac for half the price. The volume pots are good and dont scratch, but i wouldn't say its so significant over regular cts pots.

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I can't use them. I had one in my Thorn and once I played it I immediately asked to have it pulled out. I have a standard PRS pot now - much better. I do pinky swells at high gain and there are two things that immediately made it obvious I couldn't use these things. The first was the taper - way too abrupt when played through a high gain amp (Fuchs ODS). It went from 0 to loud within the first 1/20th of a turn. Not at all musical. The second thing that I don't like is their stiffness - I can't do pinky swells with them at all. When he built my guitar, Ron had picked the loosest RS superpot in his inventory and even that one was still too stiff. YMMV of course, but for me they're unusable.


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I like them - all but one of the ones I've received all have a long, smooth taper and while they are tight at first they do loosen up. Since they don't have anymore loose 280k ones I've been using the 500k pots and using a 220k resistor as my lead from the switch to the pot. Works great and I'm able to get as many of the 500k that I need.


I've got them in 5 guitars now. I love em' and won't use anything else when a change is required.


I've got them in my 3 main gigging guitars (Heritage H150CM's with "real" Bill Lawrence pickups), and I wouldn't use anything else. They feel right, and most importantly, they sound right. I love the taper on them, much better than the stock CTS I pulled out. FWIW, I have installed many of them for customers, and everyone's been very happy.



1. stiffness - they loosen up pretty fast
2. tone - spot on, c-l-e-a-r
3. taper - excellent, and I think when custom taper pots are made first concern is going from 10 downwards, and not going from 0 upwards, since almost all of us spend playing time from 2 and above, most of us from 5 and above and some from 7 and above. ( Those who keep vol pots on 10 all the time don't need any vol pots, right? )

I use them even with parallel cap-res treble bleed which flattens taper toward linear even more, but they are The Volume Pots either way.

Conclusion : they are worth the money spent. YMMV.

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