Anyone using Tascam DP-03


Been looking into one of these...I had an old Tascam 4-track tape system many long years ago and though it was pretty good. Not into most of the computer based recording setups...I work with computers all day long and it pains me to turn one on (other than to view my various forums) and have to learn how to use it. The various Tascam products seem to be fairly straight forward, but any input would be appreciated...


I have had the DP-03, along with the DP-004 and DP-008. The 03 is definitely a step up in terms of ease of use, due to dedicated eq and reverb buttons. It is simple to arm a track, set levels, and record. As someone who has tried various PC setups, the lack of any latency and/or driver/computer issues is refreshing. Punching, cutting, pasting, and editing in General is obviously a lot more cumbersome on the Tascam compared to a PC. The preamps and overall sound quality were never a limiting feature for me.

With all of that said, have you ever considered recording on a iPad? I use Multitrack DAW, a stripped down and solid recording app, and an Apogee MiC. This setup gives me the editing capabilities of a computer along with the ease of use of a standalone unit. The only issue is you cannot charge while recording so I have to plan ahead and charge if I am going to lay down some tracks.

Sorry to go off topic, just some food for thought.