Anything like the Joyo Crunch Distortion, but with mid control?

I have a Joyo Crunch Distortion pedal, which from what I understand is basically a clone of the MI Audio Crunch Box. I'm looking for a pedal with the same crunch and volume, but less mids or, ideally, a mid control. This pedal has killer crunch and harmonics, but is just a little too honky when going into a Marshall style amp. Maybe it sounds more correct going into a clean Fender, but I'm trying to use it as more of a boost into an already overdriven amp.

Any suggestions? My favorite overdrive for this purpose has been my BK Butler Real Tube, the black and yellow one, but I'm getting tired of constantly trying to fix it, and they're actually kind of expensive on eBay now. The Joyo would work for me if I could just get the mids under control.

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