Anything similar to the G System?


Just doing a little research on effects/switching systems. The G system looks like a great product but I'm wondering if there is anything out there on the market that's similar? By similar, I mean floor based effects and the ability to switch loops in and out? I came across the Digitech RP500 and RP1000 but i'm always wary of digitech stuff.


Use to be wary but lately digitech has surprised me. I have the HarmonyMan and RP1000. The hardwire pedals are impressive and I'm hearing excellent press on the Timebender.

Never Played the G-System but the RP1000 is the best floor multi I've come across (yet to play the PodX3 but didn't like the XT). That said the amp models and cab sims are not perfect, but the best I've heard yet and hope better to come. I use my own gains in the stomp loop to blend with the models and getting very nice sounds.

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