Anyway to get more treble out of a champ clone?


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I've got a Victoria champ clone and it is a great sounding amp - not lacking in any way. However, I prefer a lot of high end sparkle from my amps. Anyway to add some treble or presence to the amp (changing a resistor or cap maybe?) I've already played around with tubes and speakers and like the ones I have in it.

By the way, it is the one with the 12" speaker, and I have a Celestion G12h30 in it and it sounds way bigger than the original Jensen.



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If you don't turn the volume past half way, you can put a bright cap on the potentiometer. Also you can try lowering the couplng cap values to .015 or .01.



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I've faced similar issues with another single-ended amp. I've never heard one that has quite the crispness of an AB circuit. My amp (Gries 5) has a heavy transformer that allows me to replace the stock 6V6 with a 6L6; that brought out more highs in a big way. Don't know if that will work on yours. I have also looked at pedals to boost the high end. Lots of TGP users have suggested the Xotic RC Booster; others have recommended Rangemaster-type pedals (Beano Boost, lots of others). I currently have a Stephenson Fix-My-Duck pedal in the mail -- I'll let you know how that does. My best success so far, though, has been by adding a set of TV Jones pickups to my dual-humbucker Schechter. Sparkle aplenty!

Another observation-- that G12H30 is known to be pretty bass-y. Have you considered a Fender- (Jensen) or Vox-style speaker that emphasizes the top end more?

Sorry I can't be more definitive, but I'm struggling through the exact same issue myself. If you figure it out, let me know!!


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I've been playing through a repro Tweed Champ and noticed some times that I'd like more treble, but rarely with my Strat's, which both have high output Texas Special single coils.

But when I do, I've found that my Fulltone OCD is a good bet to bump up the high's or upper mid's. I've not had as much luck with my HBE Germania treble booster, as it does bump the high's but changes the tone to something very unlike a Tweed Champ, and not necessarily in a good way. There's also the option of a graphic eq pedal like Dunlop (or is it MXR) makes.

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