Apogee Jam + Ampkit or Zoom G3, what do you prefer for practice?

Apogee Jam + Ampkit or Zoom G3, what works for you?

  • Apogee Jam + Ampkit

  • Zoom G3

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I have been going down the long road to nowhere with traditional stomboxes and a bunch of different amps an I am not really content with anything right now:bonk. Thinking of either going with the Apogee Jam + Ampkit with my iphone or getting a Zoom G3. Just playing at home and looking for something fun and great sounding. Listend to some demos on youtube but would like some input (even thou its been done). I play alot of rock stuff with a Road Worn Tele and I have shredder coming in.

Shane Sanders

I have both and have found myself playing the G3 almost exclusively. It feels more amplike than Ampkit, imo, and I choose to leave the G3 ready to go on my coffee table whereas I'm constantly using the iPad for other things. I bought a pair of the M-Audio Studiophile BX8a Deluxe Active Monitors when they were on sale for $149, and now I have a very simple way of using all my modeling gear in the living room without having to meddle with my actual home studio room's setup.


I was playing with the Jam and Ampkit last night... (Just the free Valve King models. It was not bad at all... I'm definitely going to pickup some addional models... will make a great little practice unit.)


The G3 goes from home practice, to band rehearsal, and to the gig, wonderful little device.

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