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ARC KLONE V2 and the Silver Horse Klon


This thread is to help anyone trying to decide whether or not to go Klone or Klon.

First, I'm a pro player and have all high end gear...but have completely bypassed the Klon thing my whole career. Never got caught in the hype ...so I'm as objective as they come on this. I finally read enough online to get me curious to try it.

So 1st I picked up an ARC Klone V2 w the external bass switch. Got it and dug it. Aaron is a great guy to deal with. Awesome build quality.

Then a few days ago I bought a low serial Silver Horse Klon that a guy had in his closet since '97 and forgot he had it. He never used it until I came to buy it and we put a battery in it. The thing is brand spanking new, not a scratch.

So today I compared the 2 extensively (primarily as clean boost) with my #1 strat going through my Mesa Mark iic+ set to a blues tone. (used a true bypass looper to test)

I was able to dial the ARC in very very close. I'd say it's 95+% there. (I compared bypassed buffered signals and it was probably 98% there)

The difference I heard was in the EQ curve. To my ears the Klon had a nicer frequency range and smoother top end. ARC was a little edgier in the treble. Again this was very subtle.

For me the biggest difference was in the feel. I definitely preferred the feel of the Klon. It played like butter. (again the ARC was very close...95% there but that 5% was noticable to me. The feel of a pedal is as important to me as it's sound)

The ARC would do the job for many. It's a very good pedal.

If you are a pro/advanced player you'd notice the difference, and feel the difference. Also I'm sure that within Klones and within Klons theres a few % differential as well. It comes down to is that remaining differential worth the HUGE differential in cost to you?

For me it is. The Klon will be added to my keeper list. I'll keep the ARC too though.

Anyway, hope this helps some people decide...or maybe it'll help Aaron sell some pedals.....I'm not trying to start any klon war crap....there's way too much of that online already.


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Love my ARC Klone v2. Never played a real klon but I am very satisfied with the ARC. I see no need to pay real klon prices, (for me).


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a good way to eliminate the 5% is to get the arc, and buy a nice amp to go with it.


I completely agree with everything said in the original post, but would also like to add that the ARC klone sounds WAY closer to my silver no horse klon than the Aluminum Falcon. Not to bash the AF bc it is a great sounding pedal, but if your looking for the "most accurate" klone look no further than the ARC.

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IIRC, Aaron is updating the website a bit.
I want to say the Klone is $190.00.


Great review. I could've pretty much written that exact same thing myself. The only difference is that I was comparing mine to the KTR. That, and I'm nowhere near being a professional musician. I've paid much more money to club owners (thanks to my beer tab) than I've made playing.


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I did an extensive comparison of the ARC and the version one AF to my original Gold Klon and while they where both fine pedals and well made, I ended up keeping the AF. It felt, played, and sounded the best IMO. But, each clone really had its own personality and in that respect didn't come close to matching that magical buttery smooth tone and touch response of the original Gold Klon. There's just something special about that pedal.


I have both pedals as well...and I concur with this review. The ARC is sooo close, but the feel is different..hard to explain without playing them both side by side. I have the ARC for a small gigging board, the Klon for studio stuff. However, for the HUGE $ difference, the ARC is a no-brainer IMO.


Nice review. It would be an interesting thread to list all the klones and how each one differs.

Really love the KTR myself.

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