Sold Arc Shepherd and Tone Job Sold


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Arc Effects Shepherd Fuzz
Arc's fantastic take on the Violet Ram's Head Big Muff, with a Mids switch (scooped, stock or boosted midrange)
Excellent condition. Includes box.
$125/shipped SOLD

Earthquaker Devices Tone Job EQ/Boost
Excellent condition. Includes box.
$105/shipped SOLD

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Reverb
Excellent condition. Includes box and
power supply.
$130/shipped TRADE PENDING

Barber Dirty Bomb Distortion
Excellent condition. No box.
$70/shipped SOLD

Humbucker-sized P-90ish pickups (Rio Bastard, Harmonic Design Z90, Bare Knuckle, etc.)
WGS/Warehouse ET90 speakers (16ohm)

Pictures can be seen on my Reverb listings, since Photobucket is being weird:

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